Many mock the photo filter… Still, in my opinion, there is nothing better than a good photo filter for a cellphone photograph. And, to tell you the truth, I actually prefer cell phone two others. Not because of the way they look, not that they look any worse, but that’s actually the exact point. They basically don’t look any worse, most of the time, and most resolutions it and such things, and yet there’s still so much pretentiousness that goes against them. There are so many stuck-up photographers who refuse to validate anything that was taken on a cellphone, even though the camera lens on a cell phone, and the image quality is better than what many people were taking their best photographs on not that long ago. It’s, to me, completely puzzly that people have such a hard time accepting this cell phone photography. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s amateurism, and that people are actually pretty afraid of the fact that amateurs are biting at their heels and actually beginning to earn some income based on their photos. Most of this income is coming from stock photography websites, many of which recruit a lot of cellphone photography, some of which deal exclusively with images and photographs that were taken on the cameras of digital, mobile devices such as cell phones and iPads. This would have been impossible to imagine and a time that was not that long ago, but it has become the reality, and it is quite exciting, if you ask me. Yes, if you ask me, this is an essential movement for photography, and there’s no reason to be the one standing in the way.

So, whenever somebody asks me how much is Amazon Prime Canada, I have a really difficult time  answering their question. I mean yes on the surface it is $80 a month, and less you’re a student. If your student, Amazon Prime Canada is significantly cheaper. This is significant, in my opinion, because all sorts of students are in the demographic who might be looking for services like this, comprehensive creative online things that make life so much easier. I know for me, I live in Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the busiest and most expensive cities in the world, and even though the public transit is pretty good, it takes forever to get from anywhere to anywhere, and my life generally involves a lot of moving around. So, the fact that I can have something shipped to me on a day’s notice, free of charge, within the realm of my membership, is pretty amazing. It beats me having to take public transit and go to the store, which not only is a way of spending money, but it is also a way of spending my time, which keeps me from making money or or working on school work or doing any other thing that can provide value to my quality of life and allow me to streamline my commitments and such. Anyway, when someone asks me about the price, I will say is that no matter what, the price is over delivering for what you’re paying, and that’s what I mean when I talk about the value of Amazon Prime Canada. I think for a long time it was getting a negative reputation in Canada because there were not quite as many great features as there were in the United States, and to some extent that is still somewhat true. Though, in my opinion, it is a very limited extent.

I love Juju supply.So, if it’s hard to have faith in humanity, these products can actually help you to restore that faith, and help you to have a healthy relationship with others and yourself, and to carry just a better level of Health. I don’t see any downside whatsoever, about engaging with this type of beautiful service. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it, and, in my opinion, there’s nothing in the world that is as meaningful as giving a gift to somebody who is in need of one, that can actually provide them with the things they need. Time and time again, the products that I have purchased for people from Juju sound, and things like that? Yes it is so difficult to know what to buy as a gift for someone, especially if they are struggling with something like cancer, it is so difficult. And you know, I find the best thing that I have found an all of my time, is jewelry. Jewelry has a power to inspire because of what it looks like, what it means, and also because a lot of the rocks and crystals and substances that are used in jewelry creation, are actually really good at healing people with their Aura.

Software outsourcing saved my business. I thought my company was going to fall to pieces when the software engineer had to quit due to personal reasons. I started a search for a new one, but all of the applicants were insufficient. They were all fresh out of school, young people that had no real world experience. They would have been great to bring on if there were someone to Mentor them, but I just didn’t have that kind of budget, and most of the experience software Engineers that I knew, no longer want to work in an office under somebody else on a nine-to-five job. Actually, most of the software Engineers had told me that they were having a much better time working in niche market third parties that act as Outsourcing vendors. To be honest come at the time when they told me I had no idea what those words meant. I mean, I vaguely understand Outsourcing, but I always assumed that it was only something you did with China and India period was I ever wrong. Not only is it done with all sorts of other countries around Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe, but Outsourcing is also something that happens domestically. All of that for an Outsourcing is called the offshore Outsourcing and it is a very specific form of Outsourcing. Although Outsourcing is generally just working with an outer party, offshore Outsourcing brings in the added element about being able to capitalize on the fact that our dollar is stronger than the dollar and a lot of foreign economies, so even if you’re paying the same quality of employee at the same quality of rate, they are actually making more when you are paying less. There are some issues that arise from offshoring, but from what I hear, if you find an organization that works for you, you ought to keep it. I know I do. And I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.


Do you know what I love about this company? Check out their website: . I think that this is one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen. It’s an electric scooter with a portable battery. There a lot of electric scooters, and electric vehicles, but often they end up being quite annoying because he needs to find places to charge them, and sometimes that’s just a problem. There aren’t always places that are going to fill that need for you. That is what’s so cool about this particular scooter, is that the battery is portable. It’s very transportable, as a matter of fact, and it’s only about 9 kilograms, so it is very easy to bring in and out of buildings. The battery can charge on any wall, it has a wall charger, and with works the common outlets. I think that this is absolutely spectacular. Honestly, if this wasn’t only based in Germany, I would absolutely be buying one of these scooters. I hope they expand, they have started in Berlin and expanded to all sorts of German cities including Dusseldorf, Frankfort, and Hamburg. I’ve also seen them in Munich. I’ve traveled all around  Germany and these cool scooter seem to be everywhere. They don’t use oil or gas so they aren’t polluting, which I think is a vital part of the technologies that need to be developed for the future, is that they are more friendly to our planet, the one that gives us life. Maybe I’m just flaky, but I really care about that kind of thing, and I think that this website is absolutely worth checking out. If you’re looking for something to invest in, maybe this is it.

So, this is basically where I’m at with all the whole student thing. As I’ve started using a grade calculator to make sure that I am going to hit my targets as far as academic goals. I had to make academic goals to keep myself accountable because being an older student sometimes seems so easy, but then you realize that if you don’t study enough for your tests, you won’t get the grades that will allow you to finish your courses with the type of results that make you proud. As an adult, this means a lot more to me than it did when I was a lot younger, and returning to school at an older age, I feel responsible enough to make sure that I am hitting the kind of grades that make me feel happy and proud to be doing what I’m doing, and not just kind of Getting By Doing the minimum that is required, like I used to when I was younger. No, I’m going to own being a student this time around, and a way that I never did when I was younger. That is my entire goal with this project and in general as a student. So, the grade calculator works as a good tool in the journey to stay fully accountable to what I’m doing. I think that it’s really good to have these tool so you can make sure that you aren’t falling behind, because it would feel really lame to be an overage student who wasn’t getting the kind of grades that feel successful and accomplished. Do you know what I mean? If the younger version of me would have heard myself saying this kind of thing, I would have thought that I had gone crazy or something, it’s so out of character for who I’ve always been.

There are thousands of reasons to use a Vancouver SEO consultant. If you want to take advantage of what technology has to offer with the global network, then you need SEO.

It is no longer an option to let search engines go by themselves. You will be lucky if you rank on the second page. Even if you are lucky, nobody will see you because most clicks go for the first three results of a search. But if that is not enough, let us go deep and explain some other reasons to get a local SEO consultant.

Beat your Competitors

Most likely your competence is already using SEO optimization. If they did it first, you are going to be left behind. Don’t let them take all traffic to their sites.

You can start optimizing your website and promoting your business in Vancouver today. A Vancouver SEO consultant can help you to take advantage of what your competitors have done already. There are tools to analyze their traffic on the web. Start with what they know, and stand ahead of them quickly.

Social Networks are a powerful influence to local Business

Most people are influenced by what their contacts on social networks are engaged. Trendy topics go viral every day. That is a good way to spread news and expand your business opportunities.

Here are some ideas on how you can make use of social networks to promote your local business:

  • Let people share their experiences with your brand.
  • Make use of social networks to find how regular people benefit from your product.
  • Create business opportunities when your clients share your content on their social networks.


Some of these bullets fit better in some niches than others. There is a marketing strategy suitable for your brand and business line. Discover how to do it faster using a local internet marketing consultant.

SEO is for Social Networks too

The concept of Search Engine Optimization is mainly directed to search engines. However, the search engines also look for information on social networks. Then, Vancouver SEO is also a way to boost the traffic to your social networks. Create new opportunities for your business using the power of search engines.

A Vancouver SEO specialist will know how to create content that is easily found on search engines and has an organic reach. It means that the content will spread through social networks easier.

The world has reached a stage where blind trust has no place. People know that the cheating culture exists and so they are always on the lookout. This is all the more true for real estate industry. It is a good practice though to be guarded so that no one can fool you but this has left most people over cautious. This is not good for realtors who are just entering the arena.

People are unforgiving with even the slightest errors of judgment and do not trust anyone who falls short on their promises. In the competitive world of real estate, the only way forward is through being charming and friendly and then to back it all up with evidence.

Here are a few tips that Eddie Yan recommends to live by:

A positive attitude: This is extremely important. Whenever you want to succeed at anything, the first step is to believe that you will make it big. This will motivate you to think beyond just the numbers. Money is a huge reward and motivation but to have other goals always enriches your work completely.

Mean Business: Do not ramble and tell things as they are but creatively. Your focus should be to try and find out what your customers are looking for. If they want you look for a house in a certain price range, get them the best option possible. Once you get at doing things well, it will no more look cumbersome or difficult. This will add to your reputation.

Do Not Over Advertise: Though it is good to talk about your achievements and what you can get to the table but do not go overboard with exaggeration. Just point them to a Vancouver MLS listing. To a level it is allowed and even needed in certain circumstance but do not make promises that you are sure will be difficult to keep. Give a real and practical picture to your clients so that they trust your word in the future.

A good track record: Even if you have struck just one deal so far, let it be done in the best possible way. All happy clients are likely to refer someone to you. So more happy clients mean more business.

At all times, self belief and hard work go a long way in determining where you will stand in the future. Real estate is no different. It is governed by profit and an ability to make maximum money but that by no means should mean compromising on quality of service.

2016 initiated with exciting news from the beacon world. Rite Aid arranges beacons to more than 4500 locations, while Verifone starts to use in their PoS the Footmarks beacons and Mobiquity is expanding further their beacon network. This is a Beacon year.

Nevertheless, the misconceptions are also common, spread by the media about the beacons use and proximity marketing.

Here are top 5 misconceptions:

Beacons track me everywhere

This is the most common of all. First, beacons cannot track and they only broadcast a signal picked by an app or broadcast a URL directly to the phone. The beacon and the device interaction takes place at the app level, such that you have to opt-in to permit beacon interactions. In case you decide not to opt-in, there is no tracking or interaction. As you believe an app vendor and the beacon interactions takes place for a value, locating the location of your device is possible. Bear in mind that to receive contextual messages, you may use navigation services or any beacon feature as it is important to know the location of the device. To be precise, you are in charge to interact with beacons.

 Beacons are used for push notifications

It is not entirely wrong, but the fact is true that iBeacon was released and some companies began using beacons to overload customers with notifications that eventually ends in hurting the customer experience. The proximity industry, fortunately, is now increasing with data driven applications and the beacons are left free to explore other areas in proximity.

 App is essential to use beacons

There are two beacon types and if you do not want to use the app use the Eddystone URL, known for the Physical web beacon protocol.  Besides, greeting your customers with beacons is not considered now the optimal way.

However, this concept may change soon. The URL support for beacons is currently at a basic level and is not supported on Android, hence there is frictionless experience. But the URL beacon support may be available for Android in Chrome in 2016 Q2 is anticipated. Secondly, Google creates native URL beacon support for Android OS, so that there is the potential to make user experience less frictionless.

iBeacon works on iOS and Eddystone on Android only

This is also a wrong conception. iBeacons work on android with a light difference. It wakes up apps on iOS device. On the other hand, on Android, you may have the app open or it should be running in the background. Using iBeacons on Andriod is a bit different, but it can be used.

Eddystone is appropriate for both platforms, but requires additional advantage that may cost iBeacon the standard title of the industry.

But there are rumours that URL beacon support will be released in Chrome for Android in Q2 2016.Secondly, when Google develops native … As iBeacon, Eddystone is compatible with both platforms, butwith an added advantage that could cost iBeacon the title of the industry standard. 5-common-misconceptions-about-beacons-and-proximity-marketing/

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Let me just tell you that I have never had a positive experience with an eye doctor in my entire life. I’ve had fine times with dentists, podiatrists, General Practitioners, and I have a fantastic  Raleigh chiropractor who has helped me immensely since I moved to this city. Still, I’ve got to say, eye doctors just seem to dislike me in a completely unprecedented way. I know that my personality is sometimes regarded as being abrasive or pretentious– some call me crass and rude– but usually public servants and practitioners think that I’m a breath of fresh air and realize that I mean no disrespect by what I say. And yet, let me repeat, that I have never had a positive experience with an eye doctor in my life. Yes, this post is spurred on by the fact that I just today had an incredibly negative I test– although my vision remains in pretty good shape.

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