How advantageous is Amazon Prime Canada?

So, whenever somebody asks me how much is Amazon Prime Canada, I have a really difficult timeĀ  answering their question. I mean yes on the surface it is $80 a month, and less you’re a student. If your student, Amazon Prime Canada is significantly cheaper. This is significant, in my opinion, because all sorts of students are in the demographic who might be looking for services like this, comprehensive creative online things that make life so much easier. I know for me, I live in Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the busiest and most expensive cities in the world, and even though the public transit is pretty good, it takes forever to get from anywhere to anywhere, and my life generally involves a lot of moving around. So, the fact that I can have something shipped to me on a day’s notice, free of charge, within the realm of my membership, is pretty amazing. It beats me having to take public transit and go to the store, which not only is a way of spending money, but it is also a way of spending my time, which keeps me from making money or or working on school work or doing any other thing that can provide value to my quality of life and allow me to streamline my commitments and such. Anyway, when someone asks me about the price, I will say is that no matter what, the price is over delivering for what you’re paying, and that’s what I mean when I talk about the value of Amazon Prime Canada. I think for a long time it was getting a negative reputation in Canada because there were not quite as many great features as there were in the United States, and to some extent that is still somewhat true. Though, in my opinion, it is a very limited extent.