Solution for acne problems

This amazing Vitamin C serum solved my life-long acne crisis.Yes, that was actually the worst part about the acne, is that people kept saying that it would go away and I believed them, and then it did go away, but there were serious scars all over my face because of the acne. So, in some ways, I am a person whose acne never disappeared. My acne was around for so much of my life, and I never quite gained confidence of my skin. Now, people are constantly complimenting me on my skin, and not just people who knew me before I started using this vitamin C serum, and people that I am meeting. People meet me and say why is your skin bright and glowing like that? What do you use? Are you a natural? Haha, people actually, actually, actually believe that I am a natural in terms of having very good skin conditions and quality of skin. Can you believe that?