Spectacular Electric Scooter

Do you know what I love about this company? Check out their website: https://unumotors.com/de/ . I think that this is one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen. It’s an electric scooter with a portable battery. There a lot of electric scooters, and electric vehicles, but often they end up being quite annoying because he needs to find places to charge them, and sometimes that’s just a problem. There aren’t always places that are going to fill that need for you. That is what’s so cool about this particular scooter, is that the battery is portable. It’s very transportable, as a matter of fact, and it’s only about 9 kilograms, so it is very easy to bring in and out of buildings. The battery can charge on any wall, it has a wall charger, and with works the common outlets. I think that this is absolutely spectacular. Honestly, if this wasn’t only based in Germany, I would absolutely be buying one of these scooters. I hope they expand, they have started in Berlin and expanded to all sorts of German cities including Dusseldorf, Frankfort, and Hamburg. I’ve also seen them in Munich. I’ve traveled all around  Germany and these cool scooter seem to be everywhere. They don’t use oil or gas so they aren’t polluting, which I think is a vital part of the technologies that need to be developed for the future, is that they are more friendly to our planet, the one that gives us life. Maybe I’m just flaky, but I really care about that kind of thing, and I think that this website is absolutely worth checking out. If you’re looking for something to invest in, maybe this is it.