Struggles of a student

So, this is basically where I’m at with all the whole student thing. As I’ve started using a grade calculator to make sure that I am going to hit my targets as far as academic goals. I had to make academic goals to keep myself accountable because being an older student sometimes seems so easy, but then you realize that if you don’t study enough for your tests, you won’t get the grades that will allow you to finish your courses with the type of results that make you proud. As an adult, this means a lot more to me than it did when I was a lot younger, and returning to school at an older age, I feel responsible enough to make sure that I am hitting the kind of grades that make me feel happy and proud to be doing what I’m doing, and not just kind of Getting By Doing the minimum that is required, like I used to when I was younger. No, I’m going to own being a student this time around, and a way that I never did when I was younger. That is my entire goal with this project and in general as a student. So, the grade calculator works as a good tool in the journey to stay fully accountable to what I’m doing. I think that it’s really good to have these tool so you can make sure that you aren’t falling behind, because it would feel really lame to be an overage student who wasn’t getting the kind of grades that feel successful and accomplished. Do you know what I mean? If the younger version of me would have heard myself saying this kind of thing, I would have thought that I had gone crazy or something, it’s so out of character for who I’ve always been.