When Friends Gather


Me and my friends are about to gather for our yearly reunion. Me (the nurse), Janella (the artist), Kate (the mother of two), Abby (the business woman) and Mike (the budding baker). Me and my friends have been doing this yearly gathering for almost six years now. We only get to see each other complete during this time as we are all busy with our own schedules. After college, we did not have any time to catch so we arranged this yearly gathering. Anyway, I am planning to give out souvenirs for this reunion. Last year, we gave each other notebooks and pen with our names etched on it. On our first year, we had bull caps and shirts with our group name “Reign”.


Hmmm. What can I give out this year? I want something they can use every day. I have been looking at catalogs and magazines but I am running out of ideas when I stumbled upon this website selling Zegarki wood watches. They are so cute and simple. I know my friend will like them as it looks awesome in whatever style you have. Me, for instance, I can use it even on my duty days because it is not super catchy. I am planning to order next week just to be in time with our gathering.